Our ideas and designs start with you

What workspace will get the best out of you and your team? What is it you want your home to say about you? What type of clients do you want to attract to your commercial space?

We don’t think like other interior designers and architects. We bridge the gap

That’s because we draw on the best of both to create space that exceeds your expectations.  We juxtapose modern with the traditional to deliver distinctive form and space. We have a passion for new ideas to allow you and your clients to work and live the way you want.


We make sure that every aspect of your home or commercial space reflects the look and feel that you want. We create a brand that’s consistent across every bit of the design.

We create facades, develop interior space and even venture outdoors to do landscaping. We produce our own lighting and bespoke furniture to make sure everything fits the bigger brand picture.

But we don’t forget the realities of life.

We want you to get every last pound, dollar, yen or Renminbi of value from your budget.  Creating an accessible design with added commercial value. We want you to ask us, how on earth did you do that?


Have a project you would like us to look at? Please contact info@dhliberty.com and we will reach out to arrange a follow-up or meeting.



2 Alma Studios, 32 Stratford Road
Kensington, London, UK
W8 6QF
T: +44 0203 696 6860

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Hong Kong

Room 4003, 40/F,
Two Exchange Square
Central, Hong Kong
T: +852 5687 1388

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