Operations Partner

Lisa’s our Operations Partner, and was one of the first to join DH Liberty when we started in 2013. She quickly proved to be no less at home in building a business than she was in designing and developing buildings and interiors, making sure we stayed on track during our start-up phase and helping us build our international reputation for creativity and design.

Trained in architecture,
Lisa fosters her creative passion through lighting and installation design. She developed the teardrop light, which is used in hotels, stores and residences across the world, and she won the Design et Al. International Design and Architecture Awards for chandelier design.

Her enthusiasm for lighting spawned the growth of our lighting line, DH Liberty Lux, where she managed the design and delivery of bespoke installations, including Dewfall at the Venice Biennale 2016 and Mercury at South Bank Tower 2015.

Lisa graduated with a Masters from London’s Bartlett School of Architecture in 2012 and was a traveling scholar to the Veneto in 2010.

Raised in an international household and fortunate to travel with her parents who both work in international organisations, she loves to embrace new cultures. She’s lived in the US, Belgium, Copenhagen, Italy, and London.

If money was no object, she’d volunteer all of her time to give relief to disaster struck countries – she aided in New Orleans post-Katrina and travelled to remote parts of Belize to rebuild schools.

Featured Projects

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