COO & Head of Innovation

Rajdeep has worked in transformational roles in the world’s most promising startups, largest corporates and investment banks; helping them ideate, restructure, innovate and scale.

She looks after commercial matters for DH Liberty whilst also serves as the chief executive of Vivahouse, an innovative design led co-living operator co-created with Design Haus Liberty. Along side this, Rajdeep founded CoCreations, an advisory firm, focused on the changing nature of the real estate industry.  In just 2 years, CoCreations clients have included large investment banks and private equity funds. They work with real estate and financial clients globally on helping them set up new branded operating business and platforms. Previous to this, Rajdeep joined WeWork as an early employee and led the European rollout from 2014 -2016, launching WeWork in London and the Netherlands. She has also worked as an intrapreneur in the technology space for eBay, incubating new technology marketplaces in London and San Jose. Rajdeep started her career on a trading floor in London with investment banks like Barclays Capital and Bank of America Merrill Lynch, following a degree from the London school of economics.